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  • Ebony and Ivory - Geelong

    Ebony & Ivory
    189 Moorabool St
    Geelong VIC 3220
    Ph: 03 5221 6072

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    A long time CoffeeSnob and home roaster bought this local restaurant in February 2020 to run as a family business, in the month prior we worked with them closely to create a custom blend for restaurant, something that was uniquely theirs and suitable for a range of ages and flavour preferences.

    About two weeks after hand-over the first of the pandemic restrictions started. Crummy timing indeed but they have struggled through the ups and downs of the last six months and have kept their doors open with great staff, great food and I'm a little bias, great coffee.

    When allowed to seat patrons, their breakfast, lunch and dinner business was booming and attracting many regulars. Obviously running a restaurant that people can't sit down in is tricky, they have adapted to the restrictions and are doing "hot take away" and "Heat at home" meals.

    Last week the Freeman family five thought we would give the "Heat & Home" a try and ordered a pile of different dishes for 3 nights meals.

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    My picture doesn't do it justice but above is:

    Pumpkin Soup, Pasta Verdura (vego), Pea and Ham Soup, Beef Lasagne
    Slow Roasted Beef Cheek, Slow Cooked Lamb Shank, North African Beef Curry
    Fresh Parmesan, greens, mashed potatoes and a couple of sticky date puddings (don't tell the kids)

    Apart from the food in takeaway containers, the mains were in "sous vide" style vacuum bags.

    Preparation couldn't be simpler, boil a pot of water on the stove, drop them in to reheat, cut-open and serve.
    Greens, meat, potatoes all go in the same boiling pot as the bags remain sealed (which felt weird but worked well)

    All the food was stunning and highly recommended.

    ...and I already know how good the coffee is

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    It's great to see small business surviving through some very unique times (and quiet streets), I'm sure when we return to some normality this place will be booked-out weeks in advance.

    Show them some love when you're next in the area, we'll do it again for sure.