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Cafe 54 East End CBD

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  • Cafe 54 East End CBD

    54 Pier Street, Perth
    It has a cosy friendly atmosphere and is very popular with office workers, passers by and guests from near-by hotels.
    Their blend is well balanced, silky smooth and has great mouth-feel with a hint of cocoa and a lovely aftertaste and is produced on a Synesso Sabre.
    Breakfast served until 11am. The lunch menu consists of pasta, quiches, squid, pizza, tasty salads and sandwiches.
    Well worth a visit when visiting Perth.

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    Re: Cafe 54 East End CBD

    I was staying at the Aaron on Pier Street last week. Hadnt done any research for Perth CBD coffee, but not fancying the usual hot plate stuff in the hotel I just wandered out for any nearby likely cafe. Cafe 54 was the nearerst, 2 doors down and looked OK, so I went in. Definitely got lucky on that one. Excellent FWs, picolo latte and espresso, which I made a point of making time for over the two days. The breakfast was good too, and a nice place to sit. Ill be making my hotel choices based on it if Im back in town.


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      Re: Cafe 54 East End CBD

      Grabbed myself a double shot latte to go... this morning as i strolled by on my way to work. They are using a local indy milk supplier which caught my attention as its packaged in weird softpaks that looked awkward to pour.
      Made a great coffee though paired with the synesso.
      Noticed a lonely la Marz in the corner too.

      for me... Urbanista still leads the way.


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        Re: Cafe 54 East End CBD

        Cafe 54 are trialling staying open until 7.30pm, so if youre in CBD and want a good meal and coffee early evening you know where to go.


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          Re: Cafe 54 East End CBD

          Personally a favourite of mine, my other half and I thoroughly enjoy the coffee here.

          Not simply because the coffee is great (although thats one good point! Haha) but the ambiance, it simply felt to me, like I could sit there and talk with whoever I am with for quite a while. Maybe its perhaps the way everything is semi well hidden outside, great for the coming summer months!

          Yet to try the food though. But surely something I should give a try when I feel like winding down after work. Keep up the good work 54.


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            Re: Cafe 54 East End CBD

            Update: 54 are now roasting their own beans, Dale is producing the goods on a 3kg Diedrich, exciting stuff


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              Stayed for a toasted chicken sandwich to go with the espresso and flat white in the second room.

              Has a comfortable vibe and i have that impression that those who sat down for coffee were not in a hurry to go back to work.

              I got word that guests staying in nearby hotels asking for good places for good coffee are recommended to walk a few paces to this place.

              Wi Fi came in handy for the smart phone.

              Friendly smiles from Andrew and the crew.


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                Cafe 54 has had a name change to Essence Of Coffee Pier Street as partner to The Roastery at Huntingdale and the new Essence Of Coffee at Mount Street above the Busport in the CBD