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    For those of you who know / remember Aaron from his Cafe Zekka days, he has now been let loose in a new venture, "Cafe Vinyl".

    Located at 914 Hay Street (at the refurbished entry to Perth landmark, "78 Records"), Cafe Vinyl does BIG things in a small space!

    Running a custom 5 Senses blend through their 3 Group Synesso Cyncra, Aaron and his lovely assistant Esther are pumping out some sublime coffee... think smooth, nutty caramel cutting through velvety, Bannister Downs milk.

    The food display is small but very well stocked regardless of the time of day and impeccably presented, always.  Every item I have eaten, whether sweet or savoury, has been delicious... no exceptions.

    It has been a pleasure to discover a quality "start-up" cafe down from my office, but a real joy to see it flourish and grow in popularity (even if it does mean I now have to occasionally wait in line for a coffee ).

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    Re: Cafe Vinyl

    its a sabre not a cyncra


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      Re: Cafe Vinyl

      Its a nice coffee. went there monday and had a double espresso and a takeaway quad shot latte. both were really nice.
      will be adding them to my list of stops in the city.
      theres now enough stops to get me through the city. Cafe 54 then velvet, then walk to ristretto, then to vinyl and finnish of at epic. should be enough for now. ;D



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        Re: Cafe Vinyl

        Originally posted by 61595746515A4B320 link=1245746576/2#2 date=1256824959
        double espresso and a takeaway quad shot latte
        WOW as long as it kept you awake! id be sucking my thumb in the featal position in the corner......shaking!