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The Dairy Lounge Cafe--Northcliffe

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  • The Dairy Lounge Cafe--Northcliffe

    Muirillup Road
    Northcliffe WA

    Open:--Thursday to Monday 10am - 3pm

    We called in to visit the famous Bannister Downs dairy and their cafe, it was well worth the journey with good food, good coffee in an  amazing setting with rolling green pastures, trees and lots of cows,  if you sit alfresco the aroma of dairy cows waft in the breeze!!
    There are large viewing windows in the cafe where visitors can view the dairy process and packaging of this great product.
    Recommend a visit if touring down the deep south!!
    Coffee was a 4 bean blend from Yallingup roaster Yahava

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    Re: The Dairy Lounge Cafe--Northcliffe

    I enjoyed a visit to Bannister too but would recommend picking up the milk and taking it home to make your own coffee - was disappointed with the quality of coffee from the cafe, you would expect them to take more pride in reflecting the quality of the milk!

    My flat white was too hot in a huge cup and the espresso scalded - suspect no flush after machine sitting idle waiting for first customer (us!).

    Worth a visit none the less - the milk packaging process very unique! :-/



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      Re: The Dairy Lounge Cafe--Northcliffe

      Definitely worth a visit for the experience; Ill be heading out that way soon enough. Im sure to drop down a few in the wind comments that perhaps its time to bring on the 2L cartons.