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Pony Express O -- West Perth

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  • Pony Express O -- West Perth

    Mayfair Lane, West Perth

    (behind the Commonwealth Bank)

    Hours: Mon-Fri 7am-3pm

    Set in a restored rustic stable owner Garrett is serving great coffee in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.
    A few biscuits and slices are the only food on offer as coffee is the focus here, you are welcome to take your lunch and eat it while enjoying one of his coffees.
    Coffee by Crema Roasters, Kalamunda, WA.
    Well worth a visit if in the West Perth area.

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    Re: Pony Express O -- West Perth

    Originally posted by 3A2F383833303C335D0 link=1266993736/0#0 date=1266993736
    Pony Express O
    No autochange ?? :-?


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      Re: Pony Express O -- West Perth

      I checked the stable out today..
      Have just moved office to West Perth, which is a good change from Northbridge (although ill miss Urbanistar)

      Had a quick chat to Garret about his ideas for the place.
      has a great feel and very welcoming. He has it set up so you are behind the 3 group Wega with him while he pulls the shot and makes your coffee. You also just throw your coffee coin down a little purpose built funnel if you have the correct change.

      The coffee was great. For me better than the offering at Epic around the corner. Ill be back most working days.


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        Re: Pony Express O -- West Perth

        Had a SO long Mac prepared on the Slayer. Not what I expected, pretty bland, but not bad really.

        Maybe its hard for any machine to live up to the hype.

        Interesting place, strange at first (i.e. walking into the prep. area), but something you could get used to.

        Certainly worth a visit though, would like to get back at some stage and try their regular blend.


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          saw on gumtree today the business looks like its in the market for sale...

          Coffee was pretty good today... smooth but a little mild... never can get there on time to try the slayer though... might have to make an effort one day