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  • Sir Charles Gardner Hospital

    Had a coffee with mum during my stepfathers cancer biopsy on the 8th floor of the cafe.
    The coffee was not cutting edge but it was nice to just sit there with a double espresso by the window and gazing out towards Subiaco and beyond...reflecting with mum the life that my stepfather had.
    Nice to know in a hospital environment they were using a Mazza Major grinder for the purpose and the coffee was well made on that day. Beans used were by Piazza.

    So if anyone has to go to Sir Charles for treatment or has a loved one there, try the 8th floor cafe. The coffees ok,and the views great for de-stressing.


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    Re: Sir Charles Gardner Hospital

    I was there last week - very disappointing indeed. Yes they have the machines but the operator that day barely bothered to tamp and the coffee was awful - no better than instant. My advice - watch the technique before you decide to buy! :-?


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      Re: Sir Charles Gardner Hospital

      I work for DoH, and visit hospitals regularly, also been in most cafes / kiosks at each site. They arent going to be great, they are selling $2-3 coffee, not $5 specialty roasted, top notch barista type stuff, its mainly old ladies, volunteering (working for nothing), feeding family and friends of patients.

      Almost none of them have had any training, and Ive witnessed some of them not even really tamp the grinds.

      Some of them do know what they are doing, but still arent trained baristas...

      heres a tip, the doser will be loaded with stale grinds (perhaps even from the day before).