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The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

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  • The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

    Shop 2, 1 Holmes St (cnr. Warton Rd)
    Southern River WA 6110
    Open 7 days 7am till 5pm (4pm on Sat/Sun)
    Dale and the crew from Cafe 54 have opened up their new roastery and cafe in Warton Road, Canning Vale.
    It is a bright and spacious area with two Diedrichs sitting proudly in one corner, Espresso is produced on WAs only LM Strada, V60 pourovers and cold drip are also on offer with a great selection of single origins. The food and coffee are great and the prices very reasonable,  well worth a visit

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    Re: The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

    Hey Greenman, Dont you hate it when someone stands in the way of a good shot? I regreted not taking pics of the LM Strada. Am sure it would look great. Perhaps i should go back there n take some.

    They did not cut any corners with quality.

    ACF cups, proper salt n pepper grinders, Bannister Downs milk, two Mazzer Roburs.

    Great friendly mob there.

    Gary at G


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      Re: The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

      Roburs or Compaks?

      My sandwich was yummy, as was my espresso and flat white. Nice place


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        Re: The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

        Oh sorry guys. Two Compak WBCs. Yesterday got back from work in the wee hours of the morning, and was not feeling the sharpest .
        There was a smaller third one for decafe duties.

        Going back there for a cuppa this weekend.

        Gary at G


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          Re: The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

          Had a couple of nice shots today and a nice take away. Hopefully get there again on Monday with more time to try more coffees. Nice friendly welcome and good atmosphere.



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            Re: The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

            Was in there for breakfast yesterday. Good healthy breakfast, you know, bacon, eggs, hash brown etc... hehe.
            Couple of long blacks to start the day. And a good chuckle at the salon girls who came in and one ordered a skinny latte with two sugars... sweeeet! ;D


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              Re: The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

              Dropped in on Melb Cup day and tried the cold drip for something different.

              It was a yirgacheffe served on ice with sparkling water. Very impressed with the clean clarity of flavour and far more refreshing than a traditional iced coffee.

              And oops spent my Cup winnings on a hario syphon on the way out - good spot for geeks!


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                Re: The Roastery--Essence of Coffee--Canning Vale

                nice place, friendly mob, +1


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                  Great coffee and very friendly staff. Definitely recommended!


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                    and a new robur added to the grinder lineup too! =) most-visited cafe for me - that and cafe 54 in the city on workdays


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                      The Roastery - Essence of Coffee - Canning Vale

                      For those of you who may be familiar with the City based Essence of Coffee, the good news is there is one in Canning Vale.
                      It is on the corner of Amherst and Warton Rd.

                      They roast the "Essence of Coffee" coffee on site and it is awesome to watch work on the Diedrich roasters, of which they have 2.

                      The coffee is awesome, I have never been let down, it seems all of their staff are trained in a very consistent manner.

                      The food is awesome and the star are all pretty cool!

                      It is awesome having a great cafe close to home..


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                        Great to know you enjoyed the roastery Emille and being around the corner to where you are must be a bonus to boot.

                        I was told the first 6 months for them since they first opened was quite slow and they were carving out a name for themselves by roasting the coffee on premises and delivering great food, coffee and service.
                        Now it is a different story and they are doing well. Some days especially on weekends it can be hard to put your foot through the door when they are going full speed.

                        Megan who was WA latte art champ is on maternity leave, but the others, Andrew, Reece, Anastasia, Jordan and Erica are more than capable of delivering the goods on the coffee, not to mention Jaiden and Casey in the kitchen who does a great job on the food.

                        Not sure if you saw the thread further down on this topic Emille....



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                          got a bag of Essence of Coffee from a friend of mine that lives down the road from them (saves me a trip to go down there). The Genesis Blend is simply gorgeous with milk. always a treat to get coffee from them.


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                            If anyone goes looking for The Roastery in Canning Vale, be aware they have moved to a new (and larger) premises. They're now located towards the rear of the car-park at'The Vale' Shopping Centre (corner of Warton and Amherst Roads) - - low towards Nando's, Johnny's Burgers, the Fish-n-Chip shop etc, you''' see The Roastery, on the end corner of those buildings.

                            Other than the change in location, be reassured you'll get the same super-friendly folks, same great food and same sublime coffee!!

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