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  • Standing Room Only

    Shop 7, Piccadilly Arcade
    Perth, CBD (just off Hay St Mall)

    Small in stature but big on caffeinated quality, 4 group wooden handled next gen Synesso pumping out the good stuff, Five Senses top shelf blends and single origins, pourover, syphon and cold drip on offer.
    As the name implies there is no seating but there is counter space to linger or grab a takeway for caffeination on the run. Another brilliant addition to the ever-expanding specialty coffee scene in Perth

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    Re: Standing Room Only

    Thanks for the info greenman. Now we have a myriad of specialty coffee places to crawl to in the CBD, including Ristretto, Low Down (recommended by Grendel), Zecca, Howard Street Coffee, Bench, Castro and perhaps a few we have not discovered yet thats not part of the snobs grapevine.


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      Re: Standing Room Only

      Also mini espresso, epic (if you dont mind overpriced coffee), pony express-o.


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        Enjoyed a syphon coffee using Ethiopian Sidamo from this "hole in the wall" establishment and was impressed by the brew and the vision/concept that these guys have conceived.

        It's like third wave( manual brewed coffees) meets traditional Italian standing room cafe ( where you stand up and have your espresso ).

        Kind of suits the old world style of Piccadilly Arcade.


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          What do you think of Infusion Coffee in Plaza Arcade?
          I walked pass everyday but didn't have time to try...


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            Had a Burundi COE from a V60 pour-over during their quiet time in the afternoon so that they can do their craft and have a chat.

            The result was very very nice. One of the best pour-overs I have tasted, and very well made with the whole process of the V60 extraction explained.

            Recommended during the afternoon, when the morning and the lunch time crowd has gone.