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  • Geraldton

    A couple of years ago I visited Bella Vista, and was surprised at the good tasting coffee (we ended up having 2 each).  This time around I went looking for it and it looked closed down... only I found it has moved and is now called "The Provincial" on Marine Terrace.  I was hesitant to visit again as I have since delved much deeper into coffee and I didnt want to be labelled as "impossible to please"!

    To get to the point: the coffee is still great!

    They use 5 Senses, and the beans were about 1 week post roast.  The service and meals are pretty good too!  Not cheap, but definitely worth a visit

    I also went to the new Dome, and the coffee was surprisingly ok - no usual stale aftertaste that seems to make it taste thin and nosey.  Unfortunately the same cant be said for their stale beans for sale on the bench... I actually found a better brew from the "age unknown" beans in my mums fridge!  (On a Sunbeam 6900 and 0450).