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Brew Ha in Wangara (6065)

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  • Brew Ha in Wangara (6065)

    If you're (un)fortunate enought to work around Wangara, this is the best place I've found that makes decent coffee from fresh beans, they have a big warehouse for roasting, and a nice shopfront that wouldn't look out of place in the CBD. They also run training.

    u12/9 Inspiration Drive
    Wangara WA 6065
    9302 4959

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    Haven't been to the Wangara outlet, but the one in Subiaco seems like any big chain coffee place (Starbucks, Costa, Dome, etc.), and the coffee was reminiscent of them also.


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      It's certainly not the best coffee in perth, but in this stick of the woods, there is nothing better. I tend to judge coffee like this: "would I be happy with this coffee if I made it at home?" I would have been satisified. Anywhere else around here, I'd tip it out rather than drink it.


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        I hear you on that.


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          I actually find their 'Voodoo Sax' blend to be pretty good as espresso. Their 'Columbian' blend is not bad either.

          I am guessing they sell fresh roasted coffee there too? Any idea of costs for 500g and 1kg bags?