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    I have been a few times here and got absolutely brilliant cappuccino twice, and another takeaway that was average.' The 2 great coffees were beautifully rich and I did wonder if they slipped some chocolate syrup in there I was disappointed with the takeaway and it was a different barista.

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    The owner of said San Churros is quite the coffee snob. Unlike any other franchise, his equipment is calibrated regularly by himself. He is probably one of the few people in W.A. that have a 'speedster' espresso machine at home.


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      still, it must be hard to pass down the snobbery to his many employees.

      he's made his appearance at various coffee events including the ASCAA barista comp, and from the equipment and SOME of his staff it is evident that he is committed to quality coffee... but it seems to always be the challenge when you have over 6 (from my count) stores to manage with reasonable volumes, a varied range of drinks and the usual public who cant really tell the difference and still maintain that quality...

      that said, if i had to choose from the many chains out there, i'd pick san churros over dome/aroma/kebab shop any day. (unless theres a nice bar/cafe nearby)


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        His coffee snobbery is more personal than professional. The coffee in San Churro's isnt really "Specialty". If there's a bag of geisha on the counter, it's not for the customers if you know what I mean. He doesn't do things by halves, as can been witnessed from his car obsession