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  • Cafe Cafe Subiaco

    Just went to Cafe Cafe in Subi.

    Could have been good, you know just a quick espresso on the go.

    Barrista didn't even bother to wipe out basket from previous shot.

    Tasted burnt from the left over beans.

    If I worked my taste buds around the burnt flavour, it may have been ok.

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    Sounds like a glowing recommendation! I read in the West the other day about how dining out has improved out of sight over the last 5 years. It seems cafe's have not been following trend!


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      I've found newer "gourmet" cafe's are often better (although many miss the mark with coffee despite their efforts); but most of the longer running establishments (with few exceptions) are abysmal.


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        There is still an ocean of bad coffee and food out there in Perth cafes and restaurants, unfortunately the bulk of the population accept poor quality and service along with astronomical prices, there are great cafes serving quality specialty coffee, one just has to seek them out and spread the word to people who are seeking quality!!


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          Cafe Cafe Subiaco

          Is it that Perth people aren't bothered about getting quality, or they've had crap coffee for so long that they don't know what good is?

          I spend a fair bit of time in Perth for both work and holiday (if staying with in-laws is a holiday!) and an constantly amazed at how few people drink coffee from the better cafes such as Lowdown, Epic and Zekka, when it was around. Yet they queue up to pay $4.50 for rubbish elsewhere.

          I haven't been to Lowdown for about 6 months, but back then it was $3 for the best flat white on the Terrace, if not the best flat white west of Melbourne.


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            The shiny tins atop the grinders should be a hint to what you can expect in the cup. Better options in the area.