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Black Cherries Espresso in Freo Markets

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  • Black Cherries Espresso in Freo Markets

    had a really great Espresso here and owner knew how to make great coffee (his process was excellent)

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    Ive been here a few times. While I have not had contact with him, I am aware that Tim from Alda's in part of this business. A good guy with a history of passion in coffee.

    This little cafe is probably making the best coffee in Freo at the moment. Cheap too.

    Friendly staff.

    Perhaps one of their staff can come on here and give us a run down of where they are at?


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      These guys are amongst my favourite in Perth.

      They have great Barista's working a three group Mirage and a good range of singles and blends in retail packs which is a rarity in WA.


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        I Was in Freo on holiday and had to try on the above recommendations. they get two thumbs up from me and by far the best coffee i had on holidays.