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  • Gordon street garage

    Real fancy new rostery just popped up on Gordon street near harbourtown with an impressive setup much like small print in town. Went in yesterday and was a shame they haven't started roasting though still had some yummy offerings on filter from 5senses. Food looked amazing and nice staff too! will definitely want to check it out when they get the roaster running

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    Well you best get there this week, we stopped in on Thursday night for a takeout and the Barista said they start roasting as of next week. I can confirm the coffee was very good, nice licorish and caramel flavours.
    The place has a little creatures vibe at night, but smarter dressed.


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      Re: Gordon street garage

      I walked past this on friday arvo. Looks good. The 'open late' sign is promising also.

      Great to see some more places popping up, and doing things a little differently.


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        they've been putting their roasts on offer for the last 2 weeks now and finally got a chance to pop in the other day for a quick double espresso - delightful! had the 'mano a mano' blend: from what my very limited palate could tell, i thought it had a refreshing lack of an acidic bite to it while still having a distinctly fruity body (berries?) with a nice caramel finish. would definitely head in again when i have the chance!


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          Pourover at $10? Questionable, it was very good though. It was a Panama (H-something? Not a Geisha) Strawberries, fruity and sweet. My Dad had a long black, i think it was the mano e mano blend, that was nice but as it cooled it sorta went downhill (or maybe that was cause the pourover got better ahahaha)

          Food wise its an absolutely ripoff, its nice but doesn't justify the obviously inflated cost.


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            Agree, food servings small and left me hungry. More importantly coffee was borderline luke warm/cool and the blend was extremely bright as an espresso due to large % of Kenya and Costa Rica. OK for something different but not sweet enough for your daily brew, IMO.


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              stopped going to GSG

              seems they have gotten too busy to cope. Quality of food service and coffee has declined steadily


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                I was at GSG for breakfast yesterday.

                Fantastic coffee and excellent food. It was the highlight of a whirlwind trip to the west. Massive thumbs up.


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                  dropped by a couple of times, during the off hours of the coffee industry in perth. round the 4pm above. since that's kinda the only cafe open round the time and area.

                  coffee was great, smooth. didn't get too much food since kitchen is usually closed around that time. cakes were good though. nice freshly roasted beans for take home too.

                  tried the cold drip, qutie refreshing. but kinda small in serving size..


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                    sounds like things may have improved... may try them again soon


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                      I stopped in on Saturday and saw some familiar faces: Luke (formerly of Mini Espresso) and Mitch (formerly Ristretto/Howard St).

                      Great coffee, but cashier service whilst busy was a bit slow.


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                        Luke (ex Mini Espresso) is on of Perth's great Baristas.
                        His passion for the coffee is evident. When I used to frequent Mini Espresso, in the afternoon when he was not busy, I would go in and stand at the counter and have a traditional short mac. He would always ask me how it was and his attention to detail when preparing it was just awesome.

                        To the person who said it had a Little Creatures vibe, good pick up.. Nic Trimboli is behind GSG and Bread in Common in Freo.


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                          Went there last week with a bunch of us and all had negative comments on the coffee where everyone said it was lacking in flavour (seem watered down?)
                          Service was average and didn't seem happy when we came about 30 minutes before lunch closure. They also mistakenly made a latte instead of a flat white and insisted that we take it and told us it was the same thing just in a glass instead of a mug. Overall experience was average.