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Roasting Warehouse by Di Bella

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  • Roasting Warehouse by Di Bella

    Construction has started on the new Roasting Warehouse by Di Bella on the corner of South Trc and Little Lefroy Lane in Fremantle and should be open in August!

    It will be great to have something of that calibre in Freo!

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    Just got back from a week in Fremantle. Roasting Warehouse was about a 2min walk away so with the exception of Christmas Day we visited at least once and usually twice a day.

    The coffee was surprisingly good and the rich, syrupy double espresso's really suited my preference. Food was also really excellent. In fact I would rate both as better than I've had at Di Bella in Nth Melbourne.

    There were however some very obvious teething problems with ordering and service. Thankfully, after plenty of advice from numerous customers they seemed to have implemented a workable system by last weekend. I overheard a couple of first time locals bagging the service and talking about a few of their usual local haunts, but they were definitely converts once their order was found and coffees (finally) arrived.


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      Have watched the site transform from a disused petrol station to an inviting cafe. It's been popular since it opened just before Christmas. Table service, so a quick coffee not always possible. Food looks good and coffee tastes good. Two blends available and constantly rotated so you never know what's on offer. They seem keen to succeed.


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        Great concept and fitout, unfortunately staffing levels and long wait times are a major drawback, hopefully they will sort this out asap!!


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          Went there over Xmas, long wait times as previously mentioned. Waited a while 'to be seated' and no one came to see us for ages so went and sat ourselves down somewhere and told them we had done so. Service was fairly good from that point onwards.

          I expect it will improve in time and the Christmas period would no doubt have made things harder than normal.

          Love the concept though and love table service (just as long as it's done well)

          Flat White was a little bitter and frothy, looked more like a cappuccino. Cold drip on the other hand was delicious.

          Food was average but good size servings. (And isn't it all about the coffee? )


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            Dropped in today to give it a try. Was 3:30pm so the kitchen had closed but the coffee was still on for a while yet. What struck me very early was how polite the staff were. All acknowledged my presence with a smile and a nod. Made my way to a table and was greeted shortly thereafter by a waitress. With the kitchen closed I opted for a muffin and my drink of choice - a flat white. Muffin arrived in no time. Coffee shortly after. Unfortunately it was barely luke warm. Not long later a waitress sat down at my table out for a chat (and to sell me some beans). I told her the coffee was a bit too cold and in no time she was off to replace it. In the meantime we had a quick chat about my set up at home and preference in coffee. Off she went again and returned with a small bag, say 100g of "Nero" beans. Supposedly a strong but smooth coffee. We shall see. The replacement coffee arrived and was delightful. Only complaint is the size of the cups. About 150ml I would guess. Recommended.

            Nice selection of upper end domestic machines and grinders to ogle over too.


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              looks awesome! i see caffetto and other espresso maintenance merchandise, great to have one locally, so I don't have to order everything from over east