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    I have no idea of the history of these guys but they do have a website which comes up via google.

    I grabbed a bag of "Threshold Espresso" from them at Kalamunda farmers markets on Sunday where they have a machine set up to service the patrons as well as selling roasted beans. Requested a previous weeks roast as that on the table was only a day old and the bloke was only to willing to oblige. He told me he is roasting from home in a 5kg machine.

    I have been drinking it for the past three days and I have to say I am impressed. A much stronger taste than the other two local roasters espresso I had been drinking earlier in the week, yet still nicely balanced with a distinct cinamon after taste. Makes a really nice latte.

    Worth a run if you are in the area on a Sunday.
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    Threshold is run by Coffeesnob Simon (Runfast), very passionate about his coffee roasting and producing a quality product. Caught up with Simon recently when he dropped some of his Espresso blend and a tasty Rwandan Musasa off to me.

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