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  • sixteen ounces vic park

    dropped in today after some friends have been raving about it.

    still very early days, but a really nice little setup; and after the very pleasant customer service i got today, thought i should give them a little post here at least (they redid the long black my mother ordered just because it didnt taste quite right for her). loved the decor (esp the white/green synesso).

    the malaysian barista who i assume is the owner/one of the owners was constantly tweaking his shots over the time i was there - seems to really love his coffee. the SO double espresso i got was done just right.

    usual 5senses fare was a little boring, and a shame they havent started pumping out the cold drip yet, but seems like a place with real potential to serve up some great coffee - once they sort out all the little things.
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    Popped into here today for a peek, and was pleasantly surprised! Great atmosphere, fantastic food/cakes, and the staff are lovely. Great pricing too.

    Ordered a long-mac, and partner had a soy-latte. I agree with the above sentiments that the standard 5Senses beans were a bit boring, however good none the less! Would like to see them have a nice SO, or their own house-blend. However the long-mac was presented well, with nicely textured milk, and a well extracted espresso. My partner commented that the blend was a little stronger than her usual, but i enjoyed.

    The barista was down for a chat, great guy. Wasn't the owner, a younger guy who was happy to share his thoughts and show us some pictures of his latte art that he'd been working on via his phone! I'll happily return


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      Lovely little addition to Victoria Park. I've been there a few times already and enjoyed my coffee each time. Food choices are a little limited though, but done pretty well.

      The owner is Malaysian but I don't think he is the barista; still a pleasant guy to chat with. Same with the baristas. Very friendly place.


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        Try Antz Inya Pantz a little further down the road. Everytime I drop in they have a different regional coffee and they finally mastered their new roaster a while back. Pity 16oz doesn't use Antz beans, as 5 senses are typical commercial bulk roasted beans & blends (i.e. mediocre on a good day).