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Cimbalino, Napoleon St, Cottesloe, WA

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  • Cimbalino, Napoleon St, Cottesloe, WA

    A great place for coffee if you can get near it. Well they changed the way the make coffee so the New Flat White To Go's are too strong but the Latte To Go just manage to get into that Magic Window most of the time and that is perfect for us. Three great baristas very consistent. They open at 6:30am M-F and for us that is the best time. They have shifted from Mazzers to Compact grinder and just may have improved consistency - if that is possible. Later in the day it is quite busy but there is a happy hour around 3pm when the coffee prices drop a bit. We like their very generous one size take away coffees. Well worth a visit.

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    A bit of an update. Still top of the pile. Tried Typica's in Claremont they roast great beans (for Cimbalino' in Cottesloe) but don't make good coffee quite bitter and milk burnt! Also tried Cimbalino's in Perth - average but not great. Cimbalino's in Napoleon street Cottesloe just gets the Latte right. Not too strong, in the neutral zone but loaded with flavor, chocolate overtones and naturally sweet. No matter what I do on my gear I just can't get the notch they have found. If you ever go there try a warm (63degree) Latte take away. We spend $3000 a year for our early morning nectar!!!! Worth every dollar!
    PS they using Mazzers again


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      Nice advert...

      What's with the capitals for "Flat White To Go"?

      63°C is warm?


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        Warm for me is competition temp at 55 deg celcius.
        63-65 is the right balance for well heated milk for a cold day and still retain most of its natural sweetness.


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          "Flat White To Go" was the name of their take away hence the capitals. I think they have dropped the 'To Go' recently.
          The post is not intended as an advert - just my appreciation of a good coffee.
          63degree C is the temp we have agreed up upon as ideal for us. So our 'warm Lats' are 63 degrees. I am not defining competition stuff. Just what tastes great for us and they are happy to oblige.
          I make these comments because we have a reasonable HX machine, a commercial Mazzer and use the same beans but I just cannot get into that 'magic' window grrr.
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