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Fun experience in Busselton wa

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  • Fun experience in Busselton wa

    Just had the most wonderful experience with a barista today at in Busselton. Went there as our favourite coffee place in town had closed and I’d been here with my mum a few weeks back and it wasn’t too bad. Spotted they were using bannister downs milk and called out that I was delighted to see my favourite milk being used, After lots of chatting the barista asked me about my home set up, what machinery I was using, what extraction I was getting, my grind weight and timing etc. he was pretty delighted to talk to someone keen. I was telling him I was still struggling to get consistent latte art. So he called me over for his next pour and talked me through it. Showed me his super cool OCD tamper, oh wow. Ive been told the crepes are amazing.