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  • CoffeeSnobs - Member cards!

    Plastic credit card size/style CS membership cards.

    These can live in your wallet to show your a proud CSr or be shown to site sponsors for access to special deals ...but wait, there is more, not steak knives, better.... *

    The card (below) is also a roasting scale so CS all over the planet *can stop using the ambiguous "city, city+, small village ++" or having to work off a dubious monitor colour calibration image. *Instead we will have a 12 point scale (from green to black) to describe the roast depth.

    All members will be able to get one of these shipped with their next order (for free) but please dont loose it, future replacement cards will carry a $5 reprint fee. *

    Instructions for use:

    1. Grab your CS member card
    2. stick it into your (cooled) roasted beans
    3. guess which stripe it looks like.

    CS1 is well under roasted
    CS12 is no longer a coffee bean

    Most coffee is great around the CS8 or CS9 some work ok at CS10 or CS7

    The real trick is to keep lots of notes so you know the roast depth that you like the best.


    You can add them to your order in BeanBay

    The Member Cards are unavailable till further notice.

    When they are available you will be able to select them in CoffeeSnobs - BeanBay - Other Stuff - Replacement membership card

    They are still unavailable and asking repeatedly really won't make it happen any faster but below is an attachment of a high res version that you can use for a screen saver!

    Attachment is a ZIP, download to your computer, expand the ZIP.

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    Originally posted by Yelta View Post
    The reference to CS 9 is just a Coffee Snobs grading for darkness of roast, one being lightest and I think 12 darkest almost burnt.

    CS used to have a card available, no longer unfortunately.
    This pic will give you an idea.
    Has anyone done a conversion between the CS numbers and the SCAA colour standard (AKA Agtron number)?


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      Originally posted by Lyrebird View Post
      Has anyone done a conversion between the CS numbers and the SCAA colour standard (AKA Agtron number)?

      Yeah, someone did but I can't find it now. Don't get hung-up on Agtron numbers (that's sooo last decade). The theory was good and lots of roasters spent $3k only to find that each time they tested the same handful of beans they got a different result.

      I also ran a couple of sessions at William Angliss years ago with a room full of commercial roasters where I roasted the same bean 3 different ways to get to the same Agtron colour and the tastes were all vastly different. It was a fun thing to do and opened the eyes of many in the room who were blindly following an Agron number and others that thought "colour = flavour".

      The CS card (the linked image above) has provided a simple reference for forum discussion to explain roughly how deep a roast depth.
      It was always intentionally ambiguous and never pretended to be anything except a 12 colour scale so you could know what others are talking about