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Australia Post - Lag due to pandemic.

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    Yeah got me thinking as the price was a fair bit cheaper than the other delivery mob which ive never had issues with and thought i would see how it would go.

    Maybe i should have stayed with that one but all good its no rush for me.

    This isnt the only thing i have purchased and am waiting for so i understand and im not surprised its taking a while.

    Hopefully not the new norm for us though when we come out of this.




    • Andy
      Andy commented
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      Seriously crummy timing to try something new. In "normal" times eParcel would a day slower to you than Fastway, express post would the same or faster that Fastway and you just have weigh-up price vs needed speed. It's good to have options though!

      New norm? I think a lot of companies are using this time to try stuff out. Post are talking about delivering letters every 2nd day in metro areas, that one will stay forever I think (they seem to hate letters and the fixed cost of them)

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    On the slightly more general topic of letters and Australia Post, their national obligation is a poisoned chalice. I mean, would you deliver a letter to Birdsville for $1.10.?
    They have to.
    It is my understanding that they are the only legal carrier for letters and so tampering with the mail is a federal offence and they needed some political paperwork to change their performance obligations.
    The last CEO from Australia post actually postulated relaxed delivery ( eg every second day) a few years ago. I think there was some kind of survey on whether people wanted to retain a full service or would rather retain cost basis and therefore reduce service.
    The masses replied strongly to keep the status quo, " We want every day and by the way can you make it cheaper !!!!!

    For me. the reality is letters are moslty used for bills, and an every second day service is fine... I do think that international reciprocal rights delivery arrangements need to be looked at. I am guilty of buying from overseas on ebay and paying trivial amounts for shipping, to be delivered by Aust Post once it hits our shores. I am pretty sure we would be a nett importer of online shopping orders?-


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      AusPost perfomance report: Dispatched form Snobbery on Wed, delivered to the door in Cairns today, Friday.
      Thank you Andy. Thank you AusPost. (Spoke to the driver recently and she said they are flat-out)


      • Andy
        Andy commented
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        Express Post - 3000km in less than 2 days is an average of about 66kmh which is impressive!

        Express post is certainly working better than it was, eParcel is still very slow so we recommend Express or fastway options in BeanBay over eParcel for the time being.

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      Our latest one was pretty much normal. We usually get it next day or within 2 days. Ordered on Monday evening, arrived on Wednesday. In Melbourne. Can't be upset with that.


      • Andy
        Andy commented
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        Good one. eParcel into Melbourne is normally 2 days so yes, it was normal. There was a time when eParcel was overnight into Melbourne and they intentionally slowed it down because it was hurting express post sales (true story I'm told).
        We have had some Melbourne ones taking a crazy long time so I'm happy yours wasn't one.

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      Express Post has been better this week. Last month was full of 2,3,4,5 day "overnight" deliveries and for May, we are seeing about half getting delivered on time, half taking 2 days instead of 1 and a few taking 3 days. Post are certainly getting them pushed through the system better than they were.

      E-Parcel is still slow everywhere and lots of additional time till delivery.

      Fastway are about normal speed.


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        eParcel 1kg satchel.

        Ordered midnight 20th April.
        Packed and shipped 21st April.

        Heading 50km away from the Snobbery.
        (should take 2 days normally)

        As of 18th May the tracking is showing:

        Delivery expected Mon 18 - Wed 20 May
        15 May 2020 1:11:35 PM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        15 May 2020 9:47:46 AM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        12 May 2020 12:47:18 PM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        12 May 2020 10:24:53 AM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        6 May 2020 11:40:45 AM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        6 May 2020 11:14:46 AM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        3 May 2020 8:17:14 PM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        3 May 2020 7:55:07 PM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        1 May 2020 1:41:41 AM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        1 May 2020 1:07:35 AM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        25 April 2020 3:05:06 AM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        23 April 2020 1:05:11 PM Item processed at facility DANDENONG LC
        21 April 2020 5:09:21 PM Manifest accepted by Australia Post GEELONG BUSINESS CTR DWS
        21 April 2020 5:09:04 PM Subscribed to tracking notifications
        21 April 2020 5:09:04 PM Manifest received GEELONG BUSINESS CTR DWS

        Appalling service, this must be on the bottom of a pile and they keep putting things on top.

        Express Post and Fastway are getting delivered about a day late, this is heading for a month late and has nothing to do with lack of flights as it's nearly a local delivery.

        Please avoid eParcel if you can until Post gets their mess sorted out.


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          That is absolutely insane. A tortoise could have delivered it by now!

          Java "Sheesh!" phile
          Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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            A three legged one at that


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              That is rough Andy!

              I ordered some parts from CoffeeParts (Sydney, NSW) yesterday express post to Gold Coast. Qld arrived today 3pm. Can't get much better than that.

              Hopefully other services start improving soon.


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                Anything StarTrack seems to be ok but AusPost is a disaster (which is confusing given they’re same parents). Telstra have recently changed to StarTrack to improve order shipping.


                • Andy
                  Andy commented
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                  Star Track still runs as it's own business but yes, added confusion as some items are delivered by Post contractors and some management are Post. It's still a bit messy.

                  We used to like Star Track but their policies became unworkable. They would sneak a random admin and fuel levy on the monthly invoice (after I've already sold their services) and they charge a "redelivery fee", sometimes $20 and way more than the cost of the original freight and way more than any margin we would have on the item.
                  We have no way of invoicing customers for a second delivery after they have bought the item and we have shipped it and I would expect most people would get grumpy if we did.

                  AustPost express is nearly back to normal. Fastway is about normal too
                  I would still only use eParcel for things that you can wait extra time for or have no other freight option in your area (eg: PO Box).