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  • Freight Options - BeanBay

    BeanBay will show you the freight options for your order based on your destination address, volume and weight.

    Parcel Lockers are the same as PO Boxes and only AustPost can deliver to them, not any other courier company.

    The below table gives the basic constraints of each method:
    Carrier Method PO Box Address Max Weight Cheaper 2nd Item
    Express Post Air
    Y Y 5kg N
    eParcel Road
    Y Y 20kg Y
    Aramex Road
    N Y 23kg Y
    Fastway* Road
    N Y 17.5kg N
    N Y 5kg N

    *Fastway was bought out by Aramex and while we have stock of Fastway stickers we'll keep using them as we run out they will disappear as an option in Beanbay.
    • Express Post is typically the fastest, the most expensive and deliver everywhere in Australia.
    • eParcel is slower, cheaper per kilo and deliver everywhere in Australia.
    • Aramex is slower or faster depending on area and often cheaper but can only deliver to certain areas.
    • Fastway same as Aramex
    All our freight methods include tracking. It will show when it left the Snobbery and will show when it's getting close to you. Randomly you might get more information in the tracking if it's unloaded somewhere in between but mostly it's only "each end" that has tracking.

    We pack in Express Post satchels, white ShurTuff satchels and CoffeeSnobs cardboard cartons.
    Item Size Satchel Carton
    Roasted Coffee less than 2.5kg Y -
    Roasted Coffee more than 2.5kg - Y
    Green Coffee less than 7.5kg Y -
    Green Coffee more than 7.5kg - Y
    Coffee Roasters 10kg-15kg - Y
    Brazen Brewer 5kg - Y
    Mixed Orders Decide when packing Y Y

    We have just integrated live Aramex quotes into BeanBay for your orders. Oddly, many of the destinations are now cheaper through Aramex than they were through Fastway and they will also carry larger cartons (25kg) which can help keep the price per kilo down to your destination address.

    Sadly, WA, QLD, TAS appear to be more expensive via Aramex so while it still exists, Fastway Flat rate will be the best value in those states (17.5kg)

    If we can pack your order better than BeanBay calculated and save you some money we'll do that and the price difference will remain in BeanBay as a credit to come off your next order. Same goes for orders with impossible freight eg: a coffee roaster in express satchels, we'll change it to cartons and credit the difference instead of smashing it up into satchel sized pieces.

    BeanBay gives you the freight options, shows you the costs and you can choose based on past experience, price or speed for your address.

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    Aramex carton size was 25kg and when we put 25kg of product in the weight is 26kg with packaging and they won't deliver it (even though they collect it!).
    We've just made Aramex cartons 23kg to avoid that problem.