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Christmas Period Freight Days 2021

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  • Christmas Period Freight Days 2021

    With Christmas and New Year falling on weekends and public holidays bounced forward we will be working the following.

    DAY Roasted/Green Morgan St Pickup
    Dec 19 Roasting / Freighting 1-5pm
    Dec 20 Freighting 1-5pm
    Dec 21 Freighting 1-5pm
    Dec 22 Roasting / Freighting 1-5pm
    Dec 23 Freighting 1-5pm
    Dec 29 Roasting / Freighting 1-5pm
    Jan 4 Freighting 1-5pm
    Jan 5 Roasting / Freighting 1-5pm
    Jan 6 Freighting 1-5pm
    Jan 7 Freighting Friday Morning 12-1pm

    The week starting Sunday 9th Jan we'll be back to normal.
    • As always, paid orders will be shipped as soon as possible.
    • Use Osko to ensure payment is fast as bank EFT lag is terrible around public holidays.
    • Seriously, USE OSKO. Just google your bank name and Osko to see how to do it free and fast.
    • The ROAST CALENDAR always shows coming roast days and missing roast days.
    Have a happy, healthy, fun, safe Christmas and a New Year full of friends, family and great coffee!

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    CoffeeSnobs Owner
    Andy I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy Christmas and great New Year!

    Thanks for all the great beans and roasting tips on the forum, it's bean a real cracker!



    • jasiano
      jasiano commented
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      I second this. CoffeeSnobs is one of the best run groups on the internet, and it's truly amazing that you're roasting & shipping still throughout the festive season.

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    There are a few holes in there where we cannot freight and lots of days where a bank EFT won't get passed to us (hence my Osko nag because Osko even works on public holidays).

    Of course we can't guess when you'll actually receive it, it's a crazy time of year to move things around but we'll always ship when we say we will and the rest is in the hands of freight people to do their best in the monster pile they have.

    As always, order earlier and stress less