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Buyer Beware.... please!

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  • Buyer Beware.... please!

    Gday all,
    to state the obvious... please be a little wary of anyone who is offering expensive hardware for sale in here with a low total post count.

    Not to suggest that any new member is dodgy but without verification of a postal address and a couple of members knowing or meeting them you might leave yourself open to a scammer.

    It hasnt happened yet but its far better to be paranoid then be the first person "got".


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    The post from a CS'r that didnt get his item has been removed while the two parties are talking to each other off-line.
    It appears it's just a postage issue and I'm sure will have a happy ending.


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      Yes, your right Andy..

      Item arrived a little late, through no fault of the sellers..

      Thanks again Andy



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        Scammers gonna scam. Thx for smart warning tho.


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          glad to hear that there was a good outcome


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            Hi All,

            Wondering if anyone has dealt with user 920xl, as I paid for his pullman a couple weeks back and haven't heard from him much since. He said it was posted, and would update me with the tracking info, but I haven't received that tracking number.

            The ad was

            Not totally sure if I've been scammed or if he's been tied up and not on CS. There's also a good chance AusPost haven't left a "pick up" docket at my apartment, and it's actually delivered nearby - just can't pick it up without it.

            Has anyone else dealt with him or bought other items from that ad?

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              It's also possible that they haven't arrived yet as it appears they will be coming from Singapore as that is where 920xl connected from.

              If anybody else bought something from this user please PM me and let me know how the transaction went.

              Java "Keep us informed" phile
              Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                I bought the distribution tool and arrived fine, took about 2.5 weeks. Your item will arrive soon im sure.


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                  Thanks for your note kyeba. That's good news!

                  Java "Snailmail from Singapore strikes again" phile
                  Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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                    Great news! Thanks kyeba!

                    Ah! Singapore, that explains it. I thought he was local (Melbourne). My Bad, I'm sure it'll turn up eventually then.

                    Thanks all