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FS (MELBOURNE): Bezzera Strega

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  • Presumed Sold FS (MELBOURNE): Bezzera Strega

    Hi all,

    I’m selling my Bezzera Strega due to upgrade. I purchased the machine from talk coffee in 2012. It made 2-3 cups of coffee per day from 2012 -2015 and 3 - 5 cups of coffee per week (reduces use due to my baby boys were born) from 2015 till current. The machine has been serviced by talk coffee twice. Piston seals were changed 3 yrs ago. I changed the group seal every year and the current group seal was changed on nov 2019. I’m selling it for $2500. Prefer pickup so I can demonstrate the machine to you or you can hv a play before buying.

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    Nice machine
    Are you sticking with a lever for your upgrade Sugilun?


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      I’m not sure which brand I’ll get yet but I want a plumb in lever machine, so it is not too noisy in the morning (won’t wake the kids up in the morning). That’s the only reason I sell my Strega becos I’m banded from using it in the morning . Maybe I’ll get the plumb in version of it.


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        Hmm- just thinking aloud here, but I see no reason why Rick (Coffee Machinist) couldn't convert it to dedicated plumb-in for less that the upgrade cost?

        If not, GLWS!


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          It is still available


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            I have the model that can do either, it really wouldnt be a big job to just change the water intake from tank to mains then disable the pump. I agree the pump is damn noisy, i was thinking of buying a rotary pump coz its so noisy, but that quiet syrup shot noise makes up for it haha. If anyone is contemplating, go for it, its an amazing machine that brings out some awesome flavours.


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              I’ll keep it until someone buy it. It is a very good machine which makes delicious espresso. It is shame of me that I can’t use it often enough as I used to��