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Early Faema E61 Two Group Melbourne

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  • SOLD Early Faema E61 Two Group Melbourne

    It's been awhile I think a couple of years but WW3 in the kitchen has somewhat abated and I can now relist the Faema E61 two-banger on the proviso we keep Lambro and I can find her a single group E61. I said easy, no probs, I said Plus we want to renovate the kitchen. I said okay that means we can fit more machines in which went down like a lead balloon like you'd think I'd know by now to keep my big yap shut.

    Frame up resto finished a couple of years ago including all new stainless fittings, new wiring, new seals, rechromed, new rear glass, new decals, new p/filters even new bakelite knobs for facia and new decorative nuts for glass panel from brooks Espresso, on-board retro switch etc. Used every day since without an issue making an average of two/three cups a day. Always run thru anti-scale filter and comes with pump and motor..

    No gas architecture.

    Runs on 15amp. Needs plumbing in. LED lights. The shroud is new but has a hairline crack a few centimetres long. I can get another for Italian w/s price.

    A beautiful bomb proof classic vintage machine circa 1963.

    $4,750 negotiable.

    Pick-up only on the Mornington Peninsula. Feel free to arrange someone else to ship like Pack and Send.
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    Prices seem to be depressed for vintage machines at the moment so feel free to tell me I'm overly optimistic or within the ballpark. Needless to say the asking is way way under cost.


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      Don't give it away for a cent less!

      It's a beautiful, sympathetic restoration. They also respond well to pimping. I had one in a past life and added a pressurestat as the original mercury switch was shagged. Sold it for a very easy $6k and then had offers of more.

      Boiler insulation, autofill, thermosyphon restrictors and it's a stunning addition in a kitchen big enough to carry it off.


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        Thanks! Should have mentioned it has a new p/start and restrictors. No auto fill as I had run out of money by then. Plus it just needs a little squirt once a week as boiler water is just for steam no tea or anything.


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          Originally posted by JMcCee View Post
          Thanks! Should have mentioned it has a new p/stat and restrictors..
          Patently obvious had I bothered giving the pix more than 2 seconds. GLWS


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            That is a BEAUTIFUL machine! If I had the cash and the room I would be all over it. GLWS.


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              This is still for sale.


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                Hmmm. Can I convince the missus that panic buying espresso machines is a good idea?

                Better get onto it.


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                  Still here making 6 superlative coffees every day. Never misses a beat. I think $4,500 is very fair.

                  Need the money. I have a vintage Jaguar to maintain and the wife's parrot has expensive tastes.


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                    Still here..


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                      Still available? PM me your contact details thanks


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                        Time wasters.

                        Withdrawn as scrapped and sold for parts. Boiler went local and the leftovers overseas.


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                          Man, there are some low-balling nutters.... If I wasn't machine laden and didn't now have a restored President, I'd jump at this.