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[MEL] Orphan Espresso APEX hand grinder

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  • FOR SALE [MEL] Orphan Espresso APEX hand grinder

    I've had a wonderful time with this king of ghost burr hand grinders, I bought it direct from OE before they were brought into Aus. I believe it's one of the first 1000 units.

    The people in my house can't bring themselves to crank an arm in the morning to make coffee before work, so back to an electronic grinder we go.

    Time to pass it onto its next owner (who will have a wild ride experimenting with it given all the indoors time we have now!)

    It's in pristine condition, cuts as good as day 1. Small marks under the chute due to me using my own grinds vessel.

    I installed the latest grind chamber 'funnel' straight from OE. I have had no issues swapping the spring between RH/LH operation.

    $550 ONO

    Click image for larger version  Name:	20200115_232106.jpg Views:	1 Size:	129.8 KB ID:	764080
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    Comes with everything original (all tools, packaging, papers).



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        I have a Lido 3 and expect that this grinder is even more beautifully engineered. My wife has arthritis and I'm thinking this would be easier for her when I'm away. But we drink espresso. I'm assuming you don't.


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          Yep, I do pourovers, I've found the world of filter to have much more variety to explore. It's definitely much more arm-y, not wrist like most hand grinders. I have a Lido 3 too! The folding crank arm drives me crazy because it folds when I'm grinding. Never had that problem with the apex


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            I've struggle to perfect the pour-over. Still working on it. it's a pity it won't do espresso. I could easily have been persuaded.


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              Bump. Last cut $450


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                The lido3 foldy army issue has resolutions online, I can't quite recall how....
                maybe was a nut that can be tightened in the foldy part


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                  Here you go..
                  Shim the spring, and maybe lubricate the button.