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Gaggia Baby Twin (120V-60Hz-1425W) + Gen Power GSD2000

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  • Presumed Sold Gaggia Baby Twin (120V-60Hz-1425W) + Gen Power GSD2000

    Hey guys.

    I moved to Australia years ago and recently decided to bring all my stuff from overseas, including my Gaggia Baby Twin. It's a 120V unit so I bought a step-down transformer to use it in Australia. I cleaned the machine and was able to make a few (~6) coffees before it stopped working (the pump seemed to fail as I could hear the pump sound "tac-tac", but there was no water anymore). I am NOT an expert, and although I tried to read about the possible reasons, I don't know if that's because of the 220V-110V conversion or because the Gaggia was dying anyway, after being stored for five years. Therefore, I don't know if it is possible to revive the machine or not; it was working perfectly when it was packed and stored, five years ago, and still alive when it arrived in Australia). I used to descale regularly.

    I know some people like to open and test the components, replace parts, etc. I don't have the knowledge nor the patience for that so I am selling the pack, including the transformer (bought five months ago, tested, working perfectly with other 110V-120V appliances; I don't use it for anything else). I have a Delonghi Magnifica and have recently bought a Breville Infuser (BES840BKS) - very happy with both.

    I'm hoping to get $50 but I have no idea how much the parts can be worth in the case the machine is actually dead.

    I'm in Melbourne, close to Fawkner Park (postcode 3004), and it's pick-up only.

    Please check the pics to check the items included, and message me if you have additional questions.

    The 2000W GENPOWER Step Down Transformer 240V-110V Stepdown Voltage Converter has a RRP of AUD 110.00, still under the 12-month warranty and barely used (invoice will be provided). (OBS: It's a ~10Kg transformer)

    *I understand the transformer is not a coffee hardware but considering I am selling a 120V hardware, I think that'd be reasonable to sell it together - I hope that's not against the rules.

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    Darn! If you were in Hobart I’d take a crack at it. I’m looking for something to fiddle and learn on.