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WTB Expobar Minore III or IV PID controller

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  • Sourced WTB Expobar Minore III or IV PID controller

    I am working on an Expobar Minore III machine, this is the dual boiler with PID version. It actually has a the newer IV PID fitted.

    I am 99% sure the PID is gone as I have tested the 240v coming into the PID and the PID is blank and the second boiler (the steam boiler is heating but runs of a PStat in this model) is not heating. The static relay is not getting power from the PID and I have checked all the terminal connections.

    Just shooting out a WTB on the off chance someone has parted out or kept a PID of one of these machines?

    The marking on the PID Codice but I think a wll also work as this the standard PID on the Expobar Minore III.

    Happy to pay around $100 plus post.

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    So you are the one that beat me to it..... Lol was a bargain buy


    • roosterben
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      Haha yeah sorry have to be fast, this was procured on the Southside of Bris!

      Yeah an e61 for a very good price, but it is going to need a few parts. It looks to me like it got fried by a power surge which I think killed the PID. The main power switch and power cable have some burns marks and will probably need to be replaced. This one is going to need some electrical work and thorough testing. The brain box appears to be working as I can run the pump and the steam boiler is working but could still be an issue.

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    A brand new one isn't a whole lot more than your asking price. Contact Disave in Melbourne, I got one from there just the other day to fix a Minore that the customer had replaced every single other component on in the brew system, other than the element, before admitting defeat.


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      Thanks for the tip, I will contact them today.


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        Ops this thread can be closed as I have ordered a PID brand new.