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For Sale - Macap M4D Grinder - Perfect working order.

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  • FOR SALE For Sale - Macap M4D Grinder - Perfect working order.

    Macap M4D Grinder.

    One owner since new. Me.

    In as new condition, burrs still crispy and sharp.
    Has made 2 - 3 coffees per day for past 4 years.

    Will suit new buyer.

    Priced for quick sale.


    For demo please PM me.

    Pick up and demo in Avalon NSW 2107


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    Any pictures of the real thing?


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      Will post in the morning.



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        Firstly Grinder was bought Aug 2013 new from a site sponsor.
        Sorry for saying 4 yrs old. Time Flys when .......

        Pics and a few thoughts.

        4 weeks ago I put my Rocket Evo V2 and Macap M4D up for sale. see pic and post.
        Sold Rocket and bought Profitec Pro 800 Lever machine. Long story short Kept the M4D.

        So now that I have had Lever machine for a week and am getting used to it...WOW....
        I decided to see if I could taste the difference between the 2 grinders.

        A few points:
        T64 quicker, bit louder, same footprint, needs hopper as mouth not suitable for single dosing without a mod.
        M4D does clump a bit but once levelled and tamped no difference easier to single dose without hopper. Big advantage.

        Back to Taste:

        Put simply, at this stage, I cannot tell the difference.
        I am happy to demo (taste for yourself) to anyone interested in buying.


        ps. this is not a pitch to sell the M4D as I would happily keep either and sell the other.

        I intend to post this under grinders as it is a bit off topic and to see what others have experienced and think.
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          As it’s a bit older than I originally posted it would be fairer for the price to be a bit lower as well. It’s still in as new condition apart from normal wear and tear marks.

          Price $650

          demo available
          please just pm me.


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            Price drop to $550 for a quick sale.
            Now in Price bargain territory!


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              Pm sent


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                damn is this sold?