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  • WANTED La Pavoni or similar lever machine

    Hi everyone!

    A while ago I sold a La Pavoni machine and went to a Breville Dual Boiler, then sold that and have used an Aeropress for a while.

    My original post for the Pavoni sale is here:

    I've recently got the itch for proper espresso at home and was wondering if anyone has something similar to what I sold that they are willing to part with.

    For a similar price! I sold mine for $400, is that still reasonable?

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    As per the Site Posting Policy a price willing to pay must needs be included with your ad.

    Java "Puppy be worth what?" phile
    Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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      Simply beans coffee down at underwood (brisbane) use to stock the LP's, might be a bit more than 400 bucks, but who knows what the prices would be in the current crisis.

      (ps i havent been there for about 12 months)

      not sure if there are any floating about, but i've had a ponte vecchio export lever for about 5 years now, doesnt appear to have any of the issues that the other toy levers get (only heard of from forums, never used a LP) from time to time and the spring\piston does all the work


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        Can't link here due to rules but there are a couple on eBay at the moment. They seem to be going for $400-$900 depending on model and condition. I have recently refurbished a couple of professional models and they sold in the $600-$750 price range.

        New the professional is $1,500 and the base model more like $1,200.

        To give you another option you can add Gaggia Factory to your search as they are pretty much the same machine as the La Pavoni. However they are very rare and don't come up often. To throw a curveball have a look at a couple of manual lever machines 1) Flair Espresso base ($250-$300) and Pro ($550) models 2) Cafelat Robot circa $650 might interest you these can make proper espresso and both arguably better than the La Pavoni but they don't steam milk. If you drink milk based coffee you would need a electric or manual milk frother.


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          Thank you roosterben ! I would really like something with a built in heater element. I've owned a non-heated lever machine before and I always wondered what the temperature was. The good thing with the Pavoni is that if you're careful, and time things exactly you can at least be sure that the shot will be too hot.

          3rutu5 , I'd forgotten the name Ponte Vecchio! I looked for one before I got my first Pavoni. I'd be happy with one of those too if anyone is selling.

          So still looking if you have anything! price can move up if that's the issue.


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            Thanks for the recommendations. I’ll check out some of the listed sites and maybe make some phone calls on Monday. Appreciate the advice.


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              Hi oldbeamber2,
              I've just put my La Pavoni Gran Romantica up. It's up for $900 + postage. It is a similar construction as the professional with a few extra luxuries. It also comes with a Pullman tamper ($200+ alone).


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                Thank you cnnrs , it's a wonderful looking machine and deal but above my price range.


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                  Still looking for a La Pavoni Lever!


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                    I have a lacimbali micro cimbali lever machine if you’re interested. In Perth though. PM me if interested. Cheers


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                      PM Sent! Don't know a lot about that model.


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                        Still looking, not that there was anything wrong with Artman's machine!


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                          Artman I have also sent a PM in regards to your machine.