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[PER] Brita C150 Finest Kit

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  • FOR SALE [PER] Brita C150 Finest Kit

    I ordered a Brita C150 Finest Kit from what turned out to be a less than reputable seller. In the meantime I ordered the kit again from the excellent Bombora, which arrived in a week with great customer service. Several weeks later the original kit arrived and my loss is your gain. Selling in Perth for $350, brand new, haven't even opened the box it arrived in.

    My reason for getting this is we do have reasonably hard water as evidence by having to descale my coffee machine and going through a few kettles over the years. I'm hoping with a new Cremina this will mitigate scale issues and also improve the taste of my espressos. If you want the same advantages here's your chance to save $70. If you don't want mine, pay the $70 extra and get it from Bombora or a trusted reseller rather than choosing the cheapest option online. I had to get Fair Trading NSW, the ACCC and my credit card's transaction dispute department involved to resolve my original order.