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(Syd) Lelit PL41TEMD - $490

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  • SOLD (Syd) Lelit PL41TEMD - $490

    Up for sale is my three year old Lelit PL41TEMD, the model with the PID. I bought this new just over 3 years ago from Charlie at Jetblack and has served well in that time. Always run on filtered water, it had a group seal and shower screen (with upgrade to torx bolt) about a year and a half ago.

    Has been used for 6 espresso or ristretto a day for 10 months of the year. Surprisingly the milk wand has only been used once ever, we live close to cafes so go out with friends, it was only used on the barista course at Jetblack.

    It comes with everything in the picture, machine, portafilter, 2 single filter baskets, a double filter basket, original plastic tamper, a Jetblack tamper sized to suit, 2 scoops, a cleaning brush and.... the custom made funnel made from a pressure pipe offcut.

    The machine is well known and recommended (the reason I purchased) on the forum but ask any questions or look at the details here -

    A week ago one of the segments of the PID display stopped working. Jackster here - - thought it may be a dodgy solder joint, I don't know. I am sure it will need a new pump in the future, probably due to the ristrettos, it occasionally takes a second to react. I am selling as I have purchased a new, different coffee machine. Didn't attend to either issue as can easily be lived with and pressing June 30th work matters.

    New price is $1049, for sale for $490. Pick up North Sydney.

    Am cognisant of the fact those living remotely don't have the same access to goods those of us living in the city take for granted, so happy to ship. I thought I would keep this forever so don't have the box, but could package securely and happy to post at Auspost cost. Website says 8kg, with accessories and packing lets say 16kg, work that out from 2060 to your postcode. Your risk and at cost.

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    Bargain! GLWS


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      Thanks Ninja, sad to see it go as it started me on my proper coffee journey so has good memories but can't see it getting much use with a new machine on the bench. Was tempted to keep it as a travel machine till my wife laughed at me and said 'what travel?'. Covid somewhat stopped that plan.

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    What machine you upgrading to?


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      Hello - I looked at the link and unclear still as to whether the PID still functions?


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        Hi Rami, I was lucky enough to get a Valexia Leva from Antony at Casa Espresso. Very nice machine

        Hi Zanoni, the PID works perfect functionally except for the displays botton right segment. If you look closel. at the second photo the PID shows 92, a quick glance you may have just read it and not noticed the missing segment


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          Mr Zanoni has just offered to purchase, will sort details out in the morning and notify when sold. Thanks for considering this machine


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            Terrific buy, this one...



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              Interested, and happy to talk should zanoni not end up purchasing.



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                Hi Joe, No problem at all, there is two after Zanoni already so you are third reserve I didn't bother with the classic line 'priced for quick sale', but I am guessing it shows by how quick it sells if it was priced well. Zanoni has texted me and is at work presently, my guess is we wont get to third reserve, sorry.


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                  Hi just wanted to mark this as SOLD. Thanks for looking and everyone who messaged.