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(SYD) Nemox Lux Grinder $50

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  • SOLD (SYD) Nemox Lux Grinder $50

    Hey all,

    Up for grabs I have a Nemox Lux conical burr grinder. About 15 years old, but plenty of life left in it. Was used fairly lightly over the years, probably maximum only a few hundred kg of beans have seen these teeth.

    There is one small thing wrong with it - the hopper was originally screwed to the grinder, but the plastic where that screw affixes is broken, and the screw is lost. So - the hopper can now be removed easily without unscrewing anything. While I'm sure it's a fairly easy fix, I never bothered to fix it because it worked 100% for my liking even in this state.

    I was using this in single-dose fashion and I've recently upgraded to something which has a timer cos I got lazy otherwise I'd still be happily using this one.

    Priced *very* fairly for a quick sale. Would definitely suit a beginner.



    Edit: No, it does not "spill the beans" as such. ;P

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    Interested where about in sydney are you?


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      Hurlstone Park. working from home so you can pick up basically any time.


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        Great little grinder for $50. Looks in good nick for 15yrs old too. New hoppers are easy to find and relatively cheap, as are replacement burrs. So lots of life left in this one.


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          Yep, it's built like a tank and scrubs up really well and I really believe that it's got plenty of life left even if you don't spend another cent on it.
          In any case, this one is SPF. thanks for looking everyone