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La Spaziale Astra 8A 75 (Macap MX) Coffee Grinder Commercial

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  • FOR SALE La Spaziale Astra 8A 75 (Macap MX) Coffee Grinder Commercial

    Up for sale is a La Spaziale Astra 8A 75 Coffee Grinder

    This is a rebadged Macap similar to the high end version MX series.

    Huge 75mm Burrs

    This item is in decent condition. It's 4-5 years old but has been looked after. Some of the black paint has been chipped off (photos are provided for every bit of black paint that has come off, the rest is fine like the back of the grinder photo). Also a bit off the bottom of the hopper has been broken off, however this doesn't affect the freshness of the beans as this part of the hopper sits within the machine.

    The burrs aren't new so could probably do with a replacement at some stage. However this isn't necessary.


    Pickup from Kew.
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    This is the stepped version isn't it? How tall is the grinder without the hopper?


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      34cm without the hopper.
      Yes, it's 'stepped' with a spring so you can leave it between the clicks if you want.