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FS - Near new Lelit Bianca v2

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  • SOLD FS - Near new Lelit Bianca v2

    I have fortunately come across an opportunity to upgrade my home espresso set up, and hence see myself unable to keep multiple machines. As a result, my very new 1-2 month Lelit Bianca v2 is up for sale, and still within the warranty period.

    It has had daily use with approximately 2-3 shots every day with milk steaming and cleaned thoroughly once whilst I have owned it. To ensure minimal cleaning requirements, however, I always use an Aeropress filter on top of my puck for shots to ensure my group head is clean.

    I very much enjoyed using this machine and thought I would be keeping it for a few years at least, but unfortunately, it needs to be moved on since I won't be using it anymore. The best parts of the Lelit Bianca in my opinion are:
    - insane value for money compared to other E61 dual boilers that it is competing against (Profitec 700, ECM synchronika etc)
    - the Flow controller to allow pressure profiling to mimic the insane lever taste (in my opinion of course)
    - strong steaming pressures
    - the LCC (Lelit control centre), which allows me to keep the machine on 'standby' to save energy in between not using it, but quickly heated up in 5-10mins for use

    Comes with all in-box accessories, with most unused. The tamper, double spout portafilter holder, all inbox baskets, plumb-in kit and water filter is unused. I will also throw in another naked portafilter (additional to the stock one from Lelit).

    Based in Adelaide for local pick up. I do have the original box, so it can be shipped (being mindful of the shipping costs of course).

    Asking for $3500
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    Damn if only this was in Sydney, would be keen, but I think with the shipping cost I’m better off buying new


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      Hi lecn1302 - got a couple of questions if you don't mind. What pressure can you crank the service boiler up to on your copy (I hear there was a firmware update that increased the pressure limit)? Also, might be just the photo, but are the paddle and portafilter handles a different colour to the valve knobs and lever handle? Thanks!


      • lecn1302
        lecn1302 commented
        Editing a comment
        Just sent you a PM about your questions mate. Cheers

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      This now sold thanks!