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  • SOLD PUSH Tamper

    Used only a couple of times before I swapped it out for a PuqPress due to pre-existing wrist issues. New I paid $269 plus shipping. Purchased Feb 15th 2021. Priced to sell at $150 including AusPost standard shipping to anywhere in Australia.

    From their website:

    The Push Tamper 58.5mm features innovative design that approached the humble tamper in a new and original way. Ask yourself what the 3 most critical components of a tamper should be and you’ll most likely arrive at; Precision, Consistency and Ergonomics.

    Ergonomics is for sure the most notable difference when you compare the Push to any other tamper on the market. The handless form of the Push was developed in order to move away from the angle wrist and clenched fist operation of other tampers and opted for a unique flat surface design that allows you to apply pressure with an open palm, keeping the rest of your body in an upright and neutral position. This was tested by Ergonomics experts and shown to reduce the risk of injury and proved a significant reduction in the risk of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) to your wrists, shoulders and back compared to using a traditional tamper.

    The PUSH tamper has a diameter of 58.5mm which leaves no room for error or un-tamped coffee in the filter basket, making sure the tamp base pushes all the way to the edges of the basket. In this way it reduces channelling and promotes a more balanced and evenly extracted espresso, eliminating avoidable variables so your coffee tastes exactly like it’s meant to. Further to this are stepless adjustments in the height of the base of the PUSH, accurate to 0.1mm, and this allows the user to control the amount of compression in the Puck, for absolute precision across subtle variances in recipes, beans and grind sizes.

    Once set, PUSH ensures a consistent tamping pressure each and every time. In guaranteeing a level and reproducible tamp, PUSH eliminates mistakes and variability from one tamp to the next, meaning less variation between espresso shots and less wastage.
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    One more pic of the key Click image for larger version

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        Price drop $140 including postage to anywhere in our great and beautiful country.


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          Originally posted by tompoland View Post
          Price drop $140 including postage to anywhere in our great and beautiful country.
          I’ll take it mate, let me sort it out with you in a little while.

          I have a push tamper first edition that came with a recently bought coffee machine, but doesn’t come wit. A key.


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            SOLD thankyou admin