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Eureka Mignon MCI grinder for sale

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  • Presumed Sold Eureka Mignon MCI grinder for sale

    Hi there!

    I have a semi-working Eureka Grinder MCI for sale.

    I recently bought this from a seller on Facebook Marketplace. The seller claimed he bought it brand new a few years ago, and only used it twice before being put in storage. Unfortunately, he lied about the quality of the grinder.

    While it still works there are a few small issues with it that I want to be very honest and transparent about. I did create a post a couple of months ago on how I could troubleshoot this myself here, but I'd prefer to sell it for a fair and reasonable price to someone who is able and bothered to pull it apart and tinker and fix this themselves, because I'd rather not.

    The issues as I can see them:

    - The stainless steel top cover (photos attached), is pocked and while the burrs look like they are in good condition from the top picture, when I tried to unscrew the top cover so I could further inspect and clean the burr chamber, the screws are on so tight and rusted that I can't I can’t unscrew them. I tried to use WD-40 to loosen the screws yet they still won’t budge. My concern is that the burrs in the burr chamber are rusted too, but I can’t open the machine to check this.
    - The finger protection cone is missing from the hopper.
    - The bottom of the grinder is missing one of the stoppers, making the grinder wobble on the flat bench surface.
    - The screws are so rusted I am unable to take it apart. A service company has suggested that the grinder has been stored in a very wet or damp environment for this to occur.

    I have asked four separate coffee and grinder servicing companies for a quote on getting this repaired. They have all quoted a minimum cost of $100-120 per hour for labour, not including additional costs for parts.

    Initially the seller wanted $420 for this. I purchased it from him for $330 ($300 plus $30 for shipping).

    Since it has a few issues, I am not expecting to sell it for $300. Preferably $200 but please feel free to make me a reasonable offer on what you think this is worth, given it has a few issues.

    I'm happy to ship it for an additional price (assuming that would probably be $30 or so)

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    Hi again Kristy.
    I assume that the grinder actually works but that you haven’t been able to check/clean the burrs.
    I would just take out the other 3 rubber plugs in the base and sit it on a latex mat.
    Those screws will be a steel screw into an alloy body IIRC and I still think that an impact driver will get them out quite easily.
    For anyone with access to some basic tools this should be a bargain.


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      Hi Kristy

      I am interested and have PM'ed you.


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        Where are you located?


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          Apologies - I should have mentioned that I am based in Melbourne. But happy to ship it to anywhere.


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            Is this still available? I may be interested in making an offer. I tried to PM but the message wouldn't send - so please PM me if it's available.
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