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  • WANTED Unrestored Faema Marte

    I am on the lookout for an unrestored Faema Marte, preferably in original condition and as a 1 group. A 2 group can also be considered by me.

    I might be a little insane to be looking for another machine so soon after just receiving one but I am getting started early as I am not confident I can find one right now. I figured I might as well try here.

    Some caveats: I understand I may need to pay a little extra when the shipping involved is a litter further than normal (I am on the East Coast in the USA, specifically in Rhode Island) and that is ok with me. If you are uncomfortable with shipping that far I completely understand.

    In terms of pricing I see unrestored 1 groups in decent to great condition go anywhere from 3000-5000 euro, so I guess that would be roughly 4800-8000 AUD + shipping costs.

    If you have something else related from 1950's period I may or may not be interested in that too but for now this post is focusing on the Marte.