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HG one grinder, NIB Blind Shaker, NIB Bean Cellars

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  • SOLD HG one grinder, NIB Blind Shaker, NIB Bean Cellars

    First generation HG one grinder with 83mm burrs (Mazzer TiN coated).
    Purchased in 2013, used at home 1 coffee a day (2 on weekends) until 2018 when I replaced it with the newer version.
    I had applied a DIY graduation label, this can be removed if you prefer. the Original graduation sticker and setup guide is included.
    There are some scuff marks on the funnel, I was tapping it with a black brush to dislodge the grinds.
    Included is 3x Funnel Wipers which should solve that problem (I never tried them)
    $500 + Postage
    Postage to Melbourne is estimated at $180 Express / $70 parcel post

    New In Box Blind Shaker
    Purchased in 2018 (should have listed it then)
    $100 + Postage (estimated $15 prepaid bag)

    New In Box Plastic Bean Cellars
    2 lots of 12 Bean Cellars
    Purchased in 2018 (should have listed it then)
    Each lot $50 + postage (estimated $15 prepaid bag)

    All items located in Perth

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    Great price on the HG One. Someone will snap this up quick for sure!


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      Hmmm, yeah, I think I'll take the HG One if you can ship to Sydney... Been interested in trying out some big conical burrs to compare to my Lagom P64 for a while... Interested in the Blind Shaker also, just need to figure out workflow with/without it... Will PM you.


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        Wow that was hot. seems a few people are interested.

        Please bear 😆 with me, I've been having headaches lately and avoiding being online too much.

        The grinder comes with the standard tumbler already, visible in the first image under the funnel. The Blind shaker is an improved version which came out later. the Shaker removes the need for whisking / stirring the grinds ala WDT.

        I'll hold off selling the blind shaker separately if whomever picks up the grinder wants it.


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          Both lots of Bean Cellars are spoken for.
          Already got 2 interests on the grinder, assume it is spoken for also.

          I cant edit the original post ?