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[SYD] WTB Kafatek Monolith Flat Max

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  • Withdrawn [SYD] WTB Kafatek Monolith Flat Max

    Going to give this another crack:

    After a Monolith Flat Max. Willing to pay up to $3k depending on condition. Also happy to trade my regular flat + cash on top.

    Happy to consider an EG-1 too.

    Let me know what you've got and how much you want for it!

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    Hey mate, I’m not sure if your aware but landing a MAX in Oz with shipping and duties is about $5.5k AUD.
    Given how well monoliths hold their value, you may want to reassess.


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      Thanks for the heads up. Happy to pay a fair price if anyone has one (Max or EG-1) just had to put a number up but I’m very negotiable!
      edit: also that was meant to be $3.5k in the original post. Based on roughly 2.5k for a regular flat and ~1k extra for Max as a guess


      • lecn1302
        lecn1302 commented
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        hi mate, just to clarify. are you asking for $3.5k usd and not aud? I've got a flat max that I've been considering on selling

      • mthomas87
        mthomas87 commented
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        $3.5k AUD but please PM me if you’re thinking of selling and how much you’d be after <3

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      Hi Thomas let me know if your selling your regular flat


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        admin Please mark as withdrawn I guess. Have an EG-1 on its way to me so will most likely have a kafatek flat up for sale after sold A/B testing. Something fun to do in lockdown at least