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WTB [PER ] La Marzocco Linea Mini

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  • Wanted WTB [PER ] La Marzocco Linea Mini

    I had a custom Linea Mini. It was the 2020
    home connected version with the app. I sold it as I didn’t particularly like the idea of an app to change temperature and other settings. I went back to the V2 Lelit Bianca which is great, but I do miss the LMLM. Ideally I’d like one of the older Linea Minis prior to having the connected features and then would probably look into getting the La Machinist needle valve mod on it.
    Pricing based on the couple that are currently for sale interstate I think I’d be at about 3.5k to 5k depending on year, condition and features.
    If anyone is thinking of upgrading theirs, let me know.

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    (removed, please see the rules in the top of the for sale section)


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      Hi Euootu, while I don't have a LMLM on offer, I am considering Bianca and LM as my next potential upgrade. Is there any particular aspect that you think LM trumps Bianca, or any aspect of the Bianca that you did not enjoy? Thanks!