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  • FOR SALE Lower Shower / Puck Screen

    Hey everyone. Not sure if people want these like I did but I couldn't justify the cost of a BPlus Shower Screen / Puck Screen (around $100 delivered) so when I saw a group buy on another group I ended up buying extras since I thought they needed to be replaced frequently. Fortunately this was not the case as I've used it for 3 months now and they're high quality, and with cleaning there's no clogging in any of the holes.

    After shipping and etc it was about $36 each so looking to sell for the same. They're still brand new and sealed. Happy to post these around Australia for $2 w/ tracking or pick up in Sydney.

    These are 58.5mm so they will fit precision baskets. I have a 18g VST and it fits perfectly. Others in the group says these are essentially identical to the BPlus - I don't have the other brands to compare so can't comment on their quality but I can confirm these work very well for me.

    For those who have no idea what these are, then here's a few reviews from others:
    Review 1
    Review 2

    My take on it:
    • Your actual shower screen remains so much cleaner. If you were to flush your machine now, there's a high chance you'll see grinds come out - this puck screen significantly reduces grinds from your puck getting sucked back into your shower screen. I also cleaned my group head on the weekend and it was ridiculous how much cleaner it was compared my previous group head cleaning routines.
    • Apart from easier cleaning above, it means you're less likely to get those sucked up old grinds in your cup everyday!
    • Extraction - If you search around, extraction is apparently much higher from research, and you get a more even extraction - who knows. Honestly I don't have a TDS reader and I haven't done any extensive testing so I won't comment on this. I'm just happy with the above two and if it makes my coffee tastier then even better
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    Great post very helpful thanks zuroy


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      I'll grab one posted, PM incoming.


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        PM sent 👍🏻


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          Have sent you a PM


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            Pm in coming


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              Pm coming now 👍


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                Any more of these left? PM sent


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                  any left? PM sent.