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Wile 200 Moisture Meter

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  • SOLD Wile 200 Moisture Meter

    Attention all roasters! Scott Rao says you must measure the moisture of your green beans and then your roasted beans to truly know what is going on during roasting process. Don't blame me for this, take it up with Scotty.

    Anyhow, we are moving home and I've been commanded to sell stuff I'm not using and the device is not getting used enough to justify hanging on to.

    New these are $1.089 and it's been used perhaps 30 times so it's pretty close to new condition. Easy to use and apparently super accurate. Made specifically for coffee beans although it does grain as well.

    Selling for $789 plus $40 AusPost to anywhere in Australia. That is going to save you around $400 on a new one. Bought in April this year so still under warranty.

    Here's the blurb from their website:

    Wile 200 Coffee measures the moisture content, test weight and temperature of coffee and cocoa beans quickly and accurately. It also guides you how to achieve the maximum precision of your measurement results, reducing the risk of under- or over-drying. You will receive your measurement results quickly, in less than 7 seconds!
    The moisture measuring range starts with 2% for roasted coffee and goes up to 24% for green coffee, parchment coffee. The measurement range for cocoa is 3% to 18%. Typical repeatability of measurement results: 0.3% points (green coffee, roasted coffee) and 0.6% (parchment coffee, cocoa).
    Accurate and reliable measurement result
    The W200 Coffee meter features a sample size that is clearly larger than on other meters. The large sample size provides a more comprehensive overview of the coffee beans being measured, avoiding situations where random beans with higher moisture content distort the result. This handy meter with its clear backlit display guides the user and produces reliable measurement results even if applied by less experienced operators.
    Applying weight compensation, the meter balances the differences within coffee and cocoa bean types, as well as structural variations in kernels caused by the change of season.
    Also measures the test weight
    In addition to moisture measurement results, W200 Coffee also displays the current test weight: you will no longer need separate test weight scales.
    Excellent ease of use
    Using a Wile 200 Coffee meter does not require force: just fill the transparent cup attached to the top of the meter, release the beans into the measuring chamber, and level the sample with the patented integrated levelling system. Excess beans fall neatly into the trough around the measuring cup
    Measuring with W200 Coffee is also fast: the meter does not require cleaning between measurement operations, as opposed to, for instance, crushing meters.
    - Meter
    - Carrying case and carrying strap
    - Batteries
    - USB-cable
    - Operating manual.
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    No Scott Rao fans out there? Price drop $700 including shipping to anywhere in Australia. At that price you can probably sell it for more than you paid for it, if you ever choose to part with it.


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      Price drop $650 including shipping


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        Make me an offer. Selling the house .... need to sell.


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          Sold thanks admin