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Made by Knock Aergrind and Aerspeed grinders for sale Hobart TAS

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  • For Sale Made by Knock Aergrind and Aerspeed grinders for sale Hobart TAS

    The Aergrind (on left in photos) weighs 393 grams and will fit in the Aeropress piston for travel. It will grind from Kubrik to French Press but is focused more at the fine grind range.

    The Aergrind features the Made by Knock Nerost treated black steel Italmill 38mm burr set. This "ceramic case hardening process is not a coating, but a treatment that changes the composition of the surface layer of the steel and is known for its supreme durability". It is claimed to make the surface hardness of the metal up to 85% stronger than stainless steel.

    The Aergrind has the later model metal adjustment disc. It also comes with a rubber retaining ring to contain the handle when travelling. The original plastic adjustment disc is included. Various spare orings and a spare rubber hand grip are also included.

    The Aerspeed (on left in photos) weighs 397 grams and also fits in the Aeropress piston for travel. It has a stainless steel Italmill burr set that offers a 20 to 25% faster throughput than the Aergrind. It will provide from Espresso to French Press but is focused at coarser grinds where it offers a wider adjustment range.

    Both grinders come with the original tube container which will provide protection during transit. Two photos show each side of the respective grinders. I hope this accurately reflects the condition of each grinder, which is in as new condition without any major dings.

    These are great little hand grinders and are personal favourites. Only selling to make way for new model Aergrind.

    Asking $120 each plus freight.
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    Just to clarify that the Aerspeed is on the right in photos. Cannot seem to access an edit function which was available previously.