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Grimac La Uno E61 machine - repair needed (Syd)

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  • Withdrawn Grimac La Uno E61 machine - repair needed (Syd)

    So here I have a Grimac La Uno E61 Hx machine that is not working and requires repair (or could be used for good parts).

    It came to me about 2 years ago from the original owner, I believe it is 15-17 years old. Serviced at Jetblack most recently in January so gaskets, seals, wands etc are all good. Has been fine until a couple of weeks ago when it started tripping the safety switch at home.

    The fault was diagnosed to be the brew solenoid shorted out, which itself is no issue, but it's located under the machine, and the technician identified that it shorted most likely due to boiler corrosion creating a pinprick hole in the boiler with a tiny leak onto the solenoid. See pics for volume of corrosion and muck.

    To restore to good working condition it likely needs a new boiler and element, new brew solenoid, maybe some piping, and a few/several hours of labour to strip it all down and rebuild it - likely around $1000 all up at retail rates according to the shop.

    Or, being a Coffeesnob with a clue, you might like to DIY for a fraction of that cost and ressurect it. Until the fault occured I was happy with it. Or strip it for parts, or whatever you like. Comes with a portafilter, power cord is permanently attached.

    I decided that for the first time in over 15 years of home espresso making, I would buy my first new machine rather than go through the sourcing and installing of parts yet again on yet another machine, so I now have a shiny Izzo Vivi.

    So if anyone would like a project, $200 ono will do it, but you must pick up from me - either Sydney lower north shore or Olympic Park. It's damn heavy and I don't have packing materials etc to ship it.

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