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FS [PER] Cafelat Robot Barista version Black

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  • SOLD FS [PER] Cafelat Robot Barista version Black

    Cafelat Robot in black.
    Barista version with pressure gauge
    $669 rrp.

    Purchased very recently, but with other lever machines in the house I’ve literally not used it at all. I am keen to try a 9barista, so this Robot needs to make way for it.

    Complete box and all spares.
    Some accessories still wrapped up and not even opened until photographing today.

    Asking $575 which includes postage in Aus.
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    Price adjustment to 540 including postage.


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      Is the robot still available?
      Are you in the Perth central metro area?
      Can I pick it up for... $XXX? Price removed as per Site Posting Policy

      Please PM me your suburb, if yes to all the above =)
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        Javaphile, Which rule did I specifically break? It was merely a reasonable counter offer where the cost of postage was subtracted.

        There is one line here in the site sales and posting policy:
        * Buyers are requested to note that the CoffeeSnobs is not an auction site. If you are interested in an item, please contact the seller via PM.
        Well, the site configuration doesn't allow me to PM sellers from a new account (sensible setting).

        Hmm, there is a PM chat function... I'll try that.


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          You've quoted the rule you broke.

          As you've made a post you can now PM.

          Java "Easy as" phile
          Toys! I must have new toys!!!


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            This is now sold.