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!!!SOLD!!! Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

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  • !!!SOLD!!! Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

    Hi there,

    This Gaggia Classic is around six weeks old, and is still under warrantee.

    It is a factory refurbished model, meaning that the machine is in excellent working order, but that the packaging was slightly damaged.

    The machine has been well maintained, and has been cleaned spotlessly and meticulously after every use.

    The components inside and out are solid and industrial, with an excellent chrome covered brass portafilter, and an industrial group head.

    I have removed the panerello steam wand attachment, for ease of use, but this can easily be reattached.

    The warrantee on the machine is still valid, and has been issued by Gaggia / Saeco - and is valid for a total of 3 months.

    The finish on the machine is brushed stainless steel, and the are no marks or scratches on the surface.

    I have had no problem making fine coffee with this machine, and it produces an excellent dry steam, and my personal opinion, for what it is worth, is that this machine offers excellent value for money in its price bracket.

    I am reluctant to sell the Classic, not the least of all reasons being that it makes a stylish addition to the kitchen! But I have recently reacquired my semi-commercial Bezzera single group machine, which had been on a loan to a mate, and I find it hard to justify having two machines taking up space on one bench-top!

    Inspections are welcome for serious contenders only, and the machine is for collection only (I no longer have the original packaging), or arrange packaging and transportation at your own cost.

    The asking price is $330 not negotiable.

    inspections welcome but no time wasters, please!

    Please send me a private message, and I will fwd contact details

    Collection from Hampton, VIC


    Patrick :

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    Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

    OK - Im impatient at the best of times, so Id like to offer a CS special: $300 for the first lucky devil to walk through the door and to grab a bargain!

    Call Patrick on 0414-444-220 for further details! :-/


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      Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

      For the record just saw the same machine in my advertised for $540 - down from $670, if that is any sort of indication as to value...


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        Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

        I have also seen them advertised on an online warehouse for $480. (not evilbay)

        As a classic owner, I would recommend this as a great entry level machine, although I have no intention of upgrading mine.


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          Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

          I couldnt agree with you more.

          Im still pulling some great shots from the Classic, although, I find that it likes its beans as fresh as possible (after the have degassed, that is!)


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            Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

            ... and it dislikes overcooked beans immensely or was that me making that coughing spluttering sound :O


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              Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

              Yes, and the Classic tends to be pretty pernickety when it comes to tamp and grind, but when you get the formula right, theres nothing wrong with the coffee it makes!

              I have to travel a good 10km to get an equivalent (or better) latte locally!

               [smiley=wink.gif] [smiley=wink.gif]


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                Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

                Hi Patrick,

                Just wondering if this machine is still available.
                I am currently looking for my first machine and have been recommended the Gaggia Classic. The Silvia is still slightly out of my range, although my coffee anxiety has almost driven me towards it. I usually buy from the cafes while at uni, but back home over the summer im no where near a coffee shop.

                Please let me know what you think would be the best start.




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                  Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

                  Contact him re the above numbers or send a PM.

                  My opinion is that you couldnt get a better deal - and if you have the $$$ go for wushoes grinder.


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                    Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

                    Originally posted by lucinda link=1165294825/0#8 date=1165908054

                    My opinion is that you couldnt get a better deal  - and if you have the $$$ go for wushoes grinder.
                    Thanks Lucinda.

                    Yeah would love to get a great grinder as well, money is tight at the moment however, being a uni student and all . I will probably have to start off with something dodgy and work my way up. My christmas wishlist is full of other things so im struggling at the moment... Hopefully salvation will be around the corner.




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                      Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

                      Hi Vaughan,

                      I definitely think that the Classic represents value for money, and yes, some commentators bang on about "you can only steam milk for two coffees at a time" or "the silvia has a slightly larger boiler capacity" blah blah blah

                      Too often the Classic is compared with high end machines, and you are never going to get the same result.

                      What I will tell you is that I had a 8yr old Baby Gaggia before I bought the classic, and that made more than acceptable coffee, and that the Classic leaves the Baby Gaggia for dead!

                      My one criticism would be that the group head tends to overheat  a little, and that this can sometimes scold the coffee, but I write this off to the machine still being new, and the need to run it in properly for optimal usage.

                      Also, I have found that if you bleed a little hot water off before extracting the coffee, it drops the pressure and temperature down a bit, producing a much better result.

                      And value for money wise, you are going to get a much better result than many more expensive machines, and produce an excellent crema, without any fancy plastic crema enhancement attachment device.

                      The Classic also produces an excellent dry steam for making milk based coffees, and I have barely began to scratch the surface of the machine in terms of what it is capable of producing.

                      Clearly, much more trial and error is required, in order to get the most out of this very tidy little unit.

                      But what can I say, I recently reacquired my big bad Bazza (Bezzera BZ99), and there is no comparison between the two machines - still, the Bezza came at an asking price of around $2,500 - so its not really fair to make those sort of comparisons anyway.

                      If you want value for money and quality coffee that most of your mates would die for, then I can seriously recommend the classic.

                      And given that the machine is still under warrantee, I would recommend putting it in for a service (even though it doesnt need one) just for the piece of mind!


                      And good luck with whatever you decide,



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                        Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

                        Yes, as a user of a Classic for the last 9 years, Ill vouch for Patricks comments.
                        That, fresh beans, a good grinder and practice will have you producing coffees most cafes cant match.


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                          Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

                          I agree with ATCG.

                          I have had my gaggia for nearly two years and it purrs along. The group head does get hot - however, this is where it is very much like a commercial machine in that you need to bleed of a little water before pulling a shot. Gaggia recommends you do this in their instruction books and video.

                          Also after you have steamed your milk, bleed off the excess steam and push some hot water through the steam wand to prevent any uptake of milk into the boiler. This relieves the pressure on the gaskets etc and prolongs the life of your seals etc.

                          Classics also prefer to be left on if you are pulling a number of shots during the day, just keep the water tank filled to maximum level.

                          Gaggias have their idiosyncracies, just like any machine. If you maintain it well, with monthly descaling and using good fresh water, it should give you a lot of fantastic coffee.


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                            Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

                            I also find that the machine is a bit pernickety on tamp and grind, and it doesnt like to be over-tamped.  Also, it seems to devour fresh beans in the nicest possible way, but it doesnt like old or inferior quality beans at all - a bit like its owner, really!



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                              Re: Newish Gaggia Classic for sale!

                              Hi All,

                              thanks to all those who read or responded to this thread.

                              I would like confirm that the Classic has now been sold to Vaughan, and collected by his mum!

                              Cheers, Vaughan, may many happy espressos come your way!