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!! SOLD !! p/p ECM Botticelli II for sale

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  • !! SOLD !! p/p ECM Botticelli II for sale

    Ex Demo machine, purchased from Chris at talk Coffee about 12 months ago.
    • Single and Double handles
    • Tamper
    • Blind basket
    • Steaming Jug
    • Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder

    All works fine. Though the steaming knob sometimes slips, didnt bother me, but could be fixed with a new knob.

    Looking for $650.
    Inspection is fine. Pickup is prefered from Preston, 3072.
    I still have the original box, but I would expect that freight would be quite scary as this weighs close to 15kg.

    Machine review here..

    Cut and paste from the original thread here.

    Boiler capacity- 0.4 litre
    Fresh water tank- 1.7 litre
    Voltage- 230 v 50 Hz.
    Wattage- 1100 w
    Dimensions (W x D x H)- 210 x 270 x 390 mm
    Weight- 12 kg

    Solidly encased in a polished stainless steel frame, the Botticelli II raises the bar on home machines with two commercial group handles and filter baskets included in the package and a brew head temperature gauge added to the front control panel.

    The group design is the same as the commercial machines by ECM including the Raffaello and is based on the legendary Faema groups.

    The temperature gauge shows when the group is pre-heated and ready and the professional has an accurate tool for brew temperature surfing and finding the correct sweet spot.

    The ECM Boticelli II/T is a machine both for the serious espresso fanatic looking for commercial grade results and quality at an affordable price.

    Please keep image size to a maximum of 640x480 pixels to ensure it is easily viewable in most browsers to avoid excessive scrolling, very annoying....


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    Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

    Great looking machine. Why are you selling? Has upgrade-itis hit you?

    I might have to arrange a demo. Im in Footscray/Maribyrnong.


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      Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

      Couple of reasons.
      I am off on ski trip to japan at the end of the month and will find the extra cash handy.

      Also I originally bought the machine to get me through my last year of uni. Now that I am finished and working full time. It doesnt get much use, as I have coffee at work.

      Demo should be fine. PM me to arrange a time one evening.


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        Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

        Would really like to sell this before I leave.

        Dropped Price to $600


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          Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

          Dang... I wish this ad came up 6 months ago... Great offer this!


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            Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

            Last call,

            If I am not able sell this by Sunday its off to the Evil Aution House by the bay.


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              Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

              I have had some PMs and have been thinking about the price.
              I have decided to drop it to $550.

              Would be nice to see this go to a fellow coffe snob than some random elsewhere.


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                Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

                Man, thats a great price (but so was the original price)- these are better machines than Silvias from my point of view, parts are still available and they are rare now they are not being imported.


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                  Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

                  Gday llama,

                  I have sent you a PM about this.


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                    Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

                    I notice that this is gone from the ECM site and is also NA locally. Where can people get parts? Is ECM still making this machine? Just asking because you mentioned the steam know slips?

                    $550 is a good price (consider the great deal on them some time ago)


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                      Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

                      Parts are available from ECA.

                      The machine as I understand it is no longer produced. Seems ECM is doing nothing and Rocket at this stage have purchased only the rights to Giotto.

                      Price is more than fair. Good luch with the sale!



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                        Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

                        Just to update.

                        Looks like I will be working out something with Shannon.

                        Thanks to everyone who messaged me with offers, support and suggestions.


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                          Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

                          Yah for Shannon - a good machine going to a good person!


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                            Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

                            Yay indeed

                            I just need to finalise payment and work out how to get it up to me in Sydney and I will be in my own personal coffee nirvana!!!!

                            Thanks to all who helped with this decision it is a great network we have here, one where people who you may or may not even have met face to face are willing to go out of their way to help another with similar interests.



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                              Re: ECM Botticelli II for sale

                              Excellent Shannon,

                              A perfect match with the Rocky 8-)....