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!!SOLD!! La Cimbali Domus Classic & Sunbeam EM0480

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  • !!SOLD!! La Cimbali Domus Classic & Sunbeam EM0480

    Hi All,

    I recently purchased a new coffee machine & grinder and am looking to see if anyone here is interested in a my old coffee setup... a barely used La Cimbali Domus Classic coffee machine and Sunbeam EM0480 grinder.

    I purchased the coffee machine off my cousin who received the machine as a wedding gift. My cousin hadnt even opened the box as neither her nor her husband drink coffee and had it sitting around until I bought it from them when they moved to London to work. The machine retails for $800 at and I have only used it for just over 3 months.

    The Sunbeam grinder was bought on 18 Jan 2008 at Myer and has a 12 month replacement guarantee and a 5 year motor guarantee so there will be around 8 months replacement and 4 years 8 months guarantee on the motor remaining. The grinder retails for $199 at Myer.

    Accessories will include the PF, single & double basket, original plastic tamper and rubber tamper mat that came with the grinder. Asking price will be $485.

    Ive attached a picture of the equipment but please note that the other accessories in the picture are not included.

    Im located in South Yarra in Melbourne so youre welcome to pickup or even drop by and check the machines out so just drop me a message if youre interested! :-)


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    Re: FS: La Cimbali Domus Classic & Sunbeam EM0480

    I can vouch for La Cimbalis Domus - this fantastic little machine was my baby for the past 2 years until recently.

    I have friends who have had their Domus for the past 6 years - still going strong. No parts have needed changing except the filter holder gasket. Theyve spent $30 on parts over the past 6 years! Excellent Value there.


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      Re: FS: La Cimbali Domus Classic & Sunbeam EM0480

      Does anyone know what the boiler and PF are made from? I understand the PF is commercial size.


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        Re: FS: La Cimbali Domus Classic & Sunbeam EM0480

        Thanks short_black_fella. The Domus and Sunbeam are great for both home use and travelling as they fit nicely in a 30L plastic box and can be carried around. Ive brought it along to friends places to make coffees a few times and the weight isnt back-breakingly bad. I was tempted to keep the pair as my travelling companions but dont have the space unfortunately. Ive attached a pic to show one of the coffees I was quite proud of 2 weeks after getting the Domus. :-)

        Sorry Dave, Im not sure what the boiler and PF are made from. You can probably send Coffex an email asking... theyre pretty quick at responding to emails. The PF should be commercial size as Ive been using both my 58mm Espro and 58mm CoffeeLabs tamper with them.


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          Re: FS: La Cimbali Domus Classic & Sunbeam EM0480

          HI Dave Wag,

          The Domus classic has a 0.48 Litre boiler of die-cast aluminum construction.

          I had one until very recently as sadly the element went and the boiler is not serviceable and it is too costly to repair.

          Was second hand when I bought it for $300 almost 10 years ago so it had a good life!!

          Looking for a new machine now though and am scouring the forum for info.

          PF is commercial size and is cast metal of some sort. It has a plastic handle though mine cracked as the metal inside the handle rusted and expanded slightly. The service agent Coffex in brunswick were able to help me out with a new handle with a rubber grip that just screwed in.

          Great machine and a pleasure to use.

          Right, off to browse the forum for something new and shiny!



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            Re: FS: La Cimbali Domus Classic & Sunbeam EM0480

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              Re: FS: La Cimbali Domus Classic & Sunbeam EM0480

              Consider both sold.